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Johnson's Mills Sandpiper Migration

Every year Johnson's Mills, near Dorchester, NB is home to approximately 80% of the worlds population of shorebirds. I heard about this amazing spectacle and had to check it out. Unfortunately I was a few days shy of the peak, where 100,000 semi-palmated sandpipers were counted. While I missed the astonishing number, I was still able to see a crazy amount of birds – enough that they blotted out the entire scene through my viewfinder. What a noise they make for such small birds. Next year I hope to catch the peak! 

Read more about this amazing migration and be sure to visit the Johnson's Mills Shorebird Reserve and Interpretive Centre if you go. 

NIgel Fearon Photography | Sandpipers-1.jpg
Perhaps someone had sandpiper for breakfast... 
NIgel Fearon Photography | Sandpipers-4.jpg
NIgel Fearon Photography | Sandpipers-3.jpg
NIgel Fearon Photography | Sandpipers-5.jpg
NIgel Fearon Photography | Sandpipers-6.jpg

And here's a poor attempt for a video to show their crazy flights...