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About Nigel

Father. Husband. Wedding Photographer, Commercial Photographer, Portrait Photographer, Adventure Photographer, goof... probably some more I'm missing...

Nigel Fearon Photography is based out of Shediac, New Brunswick and services the Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe areas as well. Nigel and his beautiful partner Mélanie, moved to Shediac in 2013 to raise their handsome little son Luca.

The Team in Newfoundland | Nigel, Luca & Mel

The Team in Newfoundland | Nigel, Luca & Mel

He has worked as a professional photographer for over 5 years, covering an incredible subject range and travelling to beautiful locations to photograph across Canada and abroad. Nigel is also a graphic designer, which is a tremendous asset when photographing advertising campaigns, but also shows in the graphic aesthetic of many of his photos. He shoots primarily digital with the highest quality equipment, but also loves to slow down and enjoy the process with the beauty of film. He savours the zen quiet time in the darkroom, developing his own negatives. 

Every photo is created with precision and care, to meet your needs and ensure that you are truly happy with the results. Your photo session will always begin with a consultation session where you will get acquainted and comfortable and convey all your needs, hopes and wishes for your photos. You will discuss style, locations, clothing, and most importantly goals for the session. You will talk about what you want to do with the photos after they are created: post them online, on a website, in a magazine, create stunning prints or canvases, wonderful photo books, or any other amazing thing you can think of. This way your photos are created with specific goals in mind, because shooting to create a stunning photo album is very different than shooting to create an iconic wall portrait.

If you're not sure of what you want to do with your photos, then check out our keepsakes page for some ideas on what we have done for some of our other wonderful clients. 

I believe in creating striking, captivating images regardless of the subject matter. Any subject in the right light and at the right time has an inherent beauty. I seek this out in all of my work.

If you have something to show the world, or a moment in your life to capture, then please get in touch.