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Focal Point Coaches

The Focal Point Coaches are an awesome team of people who I worked with for a pretty cool day project. A big group of FP's business coaches from all across North America came to Vancouver for a seminar, so they took advantage of the opportunity to schedule in some photography. With 28 people to shoot total it was a pretty jam-packed day.

I had a great setup with lots of space at the gorgeous Downtown Hyatt, so it was a pleasure to shoot and I think everyone else had as much fun as I did. That many people means keeping it concise and relaxed, allowing each subject to just jump right in and be comfortable, shoot until we nail it then move on. Wham, bam, thank you mam! What made it interesting was that the coaches had some options. We did head shots for everyone, but some also did various poses that could later be used for marketing. On top of that we squeezed in doing some short video clips of a few of the coaches.

Big Thanks to Rupert Whiting who arranged this gig!