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Beautiful Anticipation

When I bumped into Mike and Katie at the Black Knight of all places, and they asked me to do a maternity shoot with them I new it would be different than your typical session. In all honesty, I was a bit apprehensive, maternity isn't really something I can relate to at this point in my life, but I considered it a challenge to make it fun and hopefully put my own spin on it. The shoot ended up being a blast. Mike and Katie were great, easy going and very natural in front of the camera. It certainly didn't hurt that they're such a great looking couple. We covered off some simple portraits, the ubiquitous heart hands on the belly and threw in some interesting ones too. Katie's a doctor and Mike is a nursing student, so we did a fun scene with Mike in scrubs listening to a tiny beating heart–it is my favourite.

Thanks to Mike and Katie for trusting me on my first maternity shoot and for letting blog about them too. You guys were great and I can't wait to photograph the little munchkin!

[pullquote author=""]It's all about finding something unique that actually has some meaning too. That's what makes a picture great in my opinion.[/pullquote]

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